Florence's Comfort House
Serving the Neighborhood of Montopolis
in Southeast
Austin, Texas
         Florence Ponziano
515 Kemp Street
Austin, Texas 78741
(512) 385-8672
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To Our Dear Friends & Supporters of Comfort House,

Recently a friend mentioned that Florence is not a specific “age” nor “color”. How true this is. Florence transcends so many boundaries to reach out to all who need her. She’s a warrior and yet she’s total compassion. She prefers to talk and hang with children, yet she organizes community leaders and neighbors around a common cause. Her playground, even her home is a kaleidoscope of color, as are the people she serves.

We ask that you please enjoy this newsletter and especially the last page of photos.

As always, Florence appreciates all the time you contribute, the donations and the small things such as dropping off food and goodies, and just stopping in to say hello. We’re having a tough year as everyone is, due to the economy. So if good blessings allow, please keep Comfort House on your donations list this year.

Thank you!!

-- Mimi Bramuchi, President, FCH Board of Directors

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Thanks for all your time, care and help.
Blessings, Love and Peace to you All.


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CD Recording Available! -- Peggy Grose (Licensed Counselor, and Volunteer/Board Member) has recorded a 45-minute interview with Florence. Florence discusses how she started Comfort House, and why her heart is drawn to helping those in need. It's very fascinating and touching (as you can guess!). Please contact Florence or Mimi Bramuchi for a copy of the CD ($10 simply to cover CD and shipping).
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OPERATION: Help Florence's Comfort House!!!
Over 50 people volunteered to help Florence help others. She said "Magic is happening. It would take me all my life to do this."
To see the Austin American-Statesman article, click here. For Pictures, click here.
Original details can be found here.
Check out the You Tube Videos...
6-20-2010 - SCARE for a CURE on KEYE
SCARE for a CURE volunteers help out at Florence's Comfort House.
6-20-2010 - SCARE for a CURE on KVUE
SCARE for a CURE volunteers help out at Florence's Comfort House.
1-4-2010 - 1st. Annual Season Giving to Children
Children of Frontier Valley Mobile Home Community, Manager Rae Wallace, Special Thanks to Florence's Comfort House, Randy Allen
5-15-2009 - The Light of Montopolis - Story of Florence and Comfort House
An East Austin Story about Florence Ponziano: a charity pioneer and artistic inspiration in her neighborhood and East Austin community of Montopolis.

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